Sunnybrook Golf & Bowl

7191 E 17 Mile Road
Sterling Heights, MI 48313

Disc Golf

Sunnybrook Disc Golf Hours:

There are many leagues that play on the course during the day/evening, please make sure to call Al Lopez to verify tee times and open play. Al Lopez 586.977-9759


Disc Golf Cost:

18 Holes: $5.00 per person (Walking)

Cart is an additonal $15.00


Disc Golf Course:

The Disc Golf Course spans the Green and Orange 9-Hole ball courses. Disc Golfers can tee off on the Green hole 1 and continue to play through hole 9. As you make the turn to begin your 10th hole which is the Orange course, you'll need to make sure to recongnize that the ball golfers may be teeing off on Hole 1 of the Orange course and you'll need to wait your turn to fit in.


Out of Bounds / Penalities:

All water, sand traps, and tee boxes are out of bounds. Automatic 1 stroke for all discs that tombstone or clearly damage a green!

Over any fence is out of bounds and an automatic penalty. Please refrain from jumping over the fences!

Sunnybrook is a soft-spike only establishment. Please repair all marks of divots made on the course.

Allow fast players to play through.


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